Marketing Analyst
& Connective Communicator

SQL, JavaScript, Google Tag Manager and Looker Studio are my tools.
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Creating connection through
thoughtful communication is my goal.


Unisoxx Marketing Analysis

google sheet tracking plan
SQL * BiqQuery * Looker Studio * GTM * Google Sheets

An exploratory assessment of Q1 and Q2 2021 for an ecommerce sock shop looking to assess the status quo of the first two years.

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Danny's Diner

google sheet tracking plan
Intermediate SQL

Answered questions using SQL for a fictional startup noodle shop regarding sales, visiting patterns and customer loyalty.

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A Report for Stakeholders

google sheet tracking plan
Looker Studio * GA4 * Google Sheets

Analyzed three months of raw data from Google Analytics 4, to assesses the performance of the WBS company blog.

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Measurement & Tracking

google sheet tracking plan
GTM * GA4 * Google Sheets * JavaScript

Implemented a simple tracking plan using Google Tag Manager on an ecommerce site and advanced tracking on a second site.

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A/B Testing

website page with read CTA button
GTM * GA4 * Google Optimize * JavaScript

Designed and deployed a two stage A/B test with Google Optimize using principles of UX and Conversion Centered Design.

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Unisoxx Product Design & Branding

mobile screens showing online sock store
Figma * Photoshop * Webflow * Client First

An ecommerce shop in which I created the concept, design and branding according to best practices of UX and UI design.

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Data Analytics Instructor & Mentor

April is a self-motivated learner who always wants to learn new things & figure out solutions to challenging problems. 💠 Her storytelling skills & business acumen is impeccable. In conjunction with her SQL &Looker studio skills, she is an unique combination with a balance of developer, design & analytical skills. 💠 Her evergreen curiosity to take up technical challenges & contribute to business impact using her tech acumen makes her stand out from the rest. 💠 I strongly recommend her for analytical roles in marketing with a technical component. She will be a huge value add to your company.

Wille Yli-Louma

Founder Heart Coffee Roasters

It takes a great deal of devotion, expertise and creativity to open a high-end cafe and roastery in a highly competitive coffee city - during a recession no less. Luckily, I had April to help me through this process. 💠 With her positive outlook and coolness under pressure, I could always count on April to help me execute the various projects at hand. I came to trust her implicitly in a number of capacities. 💠 April has a steep learning curve and a great work ethic: her dedication is no less than her drive. She has extraordinary focus, and an easy way with people. 💠 In short: I recommend April without hesitation. She is a real asset, particularly for start-ups or other new endeavors.